Lindsay Lohan – a 27 year-old star or an old lady?

Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986. She is an American actress, fashion designer, model and recording artist. She began her entertainment career when she was just three years old as a child fashion model.

Saying “Lindsay Lohan”, it’s certainly that no one can forget images of a naive, lovely and beautiful girl in “Mean Girls”.

Youthful, vital and lovely apperance of Linsay Lohan few years ago

However, in recent times, the “Mean Girls” stars has disappointed and shocked her fans, especially male fans with her old and tired appearance. She looks much older than her 27 age. Many people, includes her fans and colleague wonder that it’s a 27 year-old celeb she is or what is her really age? There has so many reasons for her ageing, but her wrong life style and plastic surgery abusement are dominant factors.

Lindsay Lohan is regarded as a abuser of artificial beauty. She has undergone breast implants, boxtox injections, nose works, dyed hair… Wherever Lindsay Lohan comes, there have been widespread and inconclusive discussions about her appearance. Even Lindsay Lohan had ever been mistaken with Debbie Harry, a 66 year – old rocker. Once walking on street, the rocker had followed by paparazzi because the poor – paparazzi had a mistaken sight. This reflects that Lindsay Lohan’s ageing is has been actually rang alarm.

Her body looks so serious in bikini

Lindsay's smile looks unhappy because of too much boxtox injected on her lips

Many people regret for natural beauty of  "Mean Girls" actress before

Without soul smile of Linsay Lohan for artificial beauty's abusement

27 year - old celeb looks like an old lady

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