What happend to Cameron Diaz's nose?

The rumor of Cameron Diaz’s nose began since her appearance at NY Sun Works 5th Annual Greenhouse Project Benefit in New York. The people noticed that had some strange things in her face. And it’s not difficult to realize some changes of Cameron Diaz’s nose. Her bulbous nose before now looks thinner and smaller. Many people guess she had nose surgery and comment that Cameron Diaz’s nose look quite natural, pretty and she's still beautiful after plastic surgery.

What’s going on with Cameron Diaz’s nose?

For these guess and rumors, American actress and former model Cameron Diaz  admitted having a nose job. However, it’s not a cosmetic but a medical reason after her 2003 surfing accident which made her nose broken.

After four times of being broken her nose, Cameron Diaz couldn’t breath at all. One side of her nose was shattered. She felt tired and disappointed about her crooked nose. Her doctor advised her to have some undergone nose job for breath purpose. That the reason why she decided to have a nose job to fix it. “It's not cosmetic, it's purely medical.", the American actress said.

Cameron Diaz still looks very attractive and pretty before she haven't her nose job
Dr. Anthony Youn - A celebrity plastic surgeon commented that Cameron Diaz's nose job achieved both objectives of beauty and breath repair. "It looks like a combination of both. A septum repair (straightening) can create a straighter nose, which it has for her. Although the main purpose is to restore breathing, it can improve a crooked nose."

In Cameron Diaz’s opinion, she is afraid of undergoing knife because it might destroy one’s own face. Talking in an interview with a newspaper, she told "What on earth possesses them to want to go destroy their own character? To go under the knife to do that, well, it's sick".

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