Kellie Pickler before and after plastic surgery

The final competition "Dancing with the Stars" Season 16 U.S. Version on ABC ended at 21st May (local time) with the victory belongs to the country music singer - Kellie Pickler and her partner - Derek Hough. The competition ended after 10 weeks of competition. In the finale, Kellie Pickler, 16-year-old Disney star – Zendaya, the football player - Jacoby Jones and their dance partners had perfect performances and get perfect score : 30 points from the judges.

Kellie and Derek Hough the partner perform the Jive dance on the track "Keep - A – Knocking” by Little Richards. Jacoby and Karina dance salsa while Zendaya and the partner bring out a fun Jive dance.

Kellie Pickler is a name which was mentioned recently in entertainment business and several times in suspected cases of plastic surgery lately.

Many professionals and managers admit that plastic surgery is something common in the entertainment industry. The story about cosmetic surgery is no longer strange with celebrities. Even breast augmentation, nose, chin peel, liposuction seems to back up an appointment for them. It’s really difficult for stars after many years in their field to be able to maintain their original beauty. They come with the cosmetic surgery technology is only as good as movement. Sometimes, in an artist’s opinion, beauty is not enough.

Although not a panacea, but botox is really "lifesaver" for Kellie Pickler when she shows signs of aging. Besides the purpose of restoring the beauty of youth, botox injection had indirect effect to her careers. Kellie Pickler's face was disabled because of botox side effects and reactions are very common. Her face is stiff like a robot because of botox injections with incorrect dosages. Such side effects can be harmful for her body as well as losing the expression on her face ...

In the entertainment sector, beside talent, a beautiful celebrity will get more invitations and more development opportunities. So, with Kellie Pickler, this is no longer the need for beauty which became mandatory. Unfortunately, these side effects occur when improperly inject botox. Her face was barely has any wrinkles yet, even when laughing, leading to the facial expressions do not exist. Her eyebrows on both sides were on a high bend unnaturally. Due to lack of natural elevation of the eyebrows, her face looks very strange. In addition, her forehead would later appear unusual wrinkles.

Not many celebrities admit that they had recourse 'cutlery', even with the naked eye, everybody also easily found that is the silicon boobs.
Kellie Pickler used to be a girl with a thin body, round 1 and nothing is plump but often in the top of stars who own modest breasts in Hollywood. But anybody recognized her more sensual by around 1 bigger visibly than before. Even fans of the 27-year-old actress also expressed doubts cutlery Kellie had breast augmentation. "Kellie Pickler had breast augmentation? Looks great! ", A post on Twitter.

Increasingly, Kellie Pickler's breasts bigger and now it's like two watermelons. If over time the female artist first entered the entertainment business, it’s a different result.. She never spoke about her cutlery but despite rumors of breast enhancement, then had to spend $200,000 to surgery prolongs youth, Kellie denies all. "It's totally a rumor. I have never cutlery. But I would never judge those who plastic surgery ".

It is said that 99% of artists today have undergone plastic surgery. Still do not have many female artists dare admit it before the press and public opinion. Of course, sharing private life is the right of every person. Appearance is one of the top criteria when applying for jobs. Many celebrities lost their good opportunities in the industry because of poor appearance. Therefore, editing defects in star’s body is a legitimate need to improve their chances of success in life. But maybe the celebrities should use the manners to have skilful story, make cosmetic surgery becomes softer and more liberal in the eyes of public opinion.

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